Co-Managed IT Services

Give your internal IT team the boost it needs to take your IT to the next level

Is Your Business Ready for Co-Managed IT Services?

Do you have one IT guy who:

  • Is swamped with daily tickets and IT tasks
  • Always misses IT task deadlines
  • Is constantly asking management to hire more IT people
  • Has no time for other IT projects
  • Can’t take vacation or sick days because their absence will greatly hurt your operations
  • Thinks new tech is out of his reach

Or do you have an IT team that:

  • Doesn’t have the expertise to work on certain IT projects
  • Has a backlog of unresolved IT issues
  • Can’t work on infrastructure and other projects because they need to focus on app issues
  • Is overwhelmed and undermanned
  • Wants to automate some of your processes but don’t have the tools or experience

If you answered “yes” to any of these, then our Co-Managed IT services are for you. Sometimes, the best IT arrangement for a business is a happy medium between in-house and outsourced technical assistance. On a co-managed IT setup, you’ll get to enjoy the control and rapid response you get from your in-house IT workers while also getting high-level support for anything from desktop troubleshooting to server updates.

Our Co-Managed IT Services Include:

Our Co Managed IT Services Image
  • Expert guidance and IT assistance from a certified team of IT consultants
  • Options for short- or long-term assistance for your internal team’s special IT projects
  • 24/7/365 helpdesk support for your staff
  • Scheduled technical reports to help you make important decisions
  • Easy deployment of additional outsourced services you might need

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