The Project Process

Project management is implemented differently depending on the nature and length of work that OnRamp Networks will be performing. Projects with shorter life cycles often require little project management outside of resource scheduling. Staff augmentation and long-term project management is often performed by an OnRamp senior consultant.

Customers requiring turnkey project management may engage the OnRamp project management team to implement industry-standard and innovative project management techniques. These will include weekly project updates and a main contact person for correspondence throughout the project.

Our team approach is what differentiates us from other IT consulting companies. Each IT project includes:

  • A CIO for strategic planning
  • A Project Manager to ensure on time/on budget delivery
  • A Senior Engineer or Architect for analysis and design
  • A team of experts for implementation
  • A help desk and IT support team for ongoing maintenance
  • On-site Meeting
  • Needs Assessment
  • Business Analysis
  • System Analysis
  • Network Inventory
  • Determine Budget
  • User Interviews
  • Research Solutions
  • Gather Systems Information
  • Product Procurement
  • Timeline and Scheduling
  • Implement of Project
  • Fine-tune Systems
  • Documentation
  • Future Needs Outlined
  • Obtain Customer Feedback