Network Audits

Your information technology infrastructure is a balance of hardware, software, cabling, and people working as one unit. So the real question is: How does one improvement affect this unit as a whole? Are you applying your IT resources in the right areas to get robust technology? OnRamp Networks can provide answers to these questions through our Network Audits.

Our Network Audits involve an onsite discovery and evaluation of your existing infrastructure to answer your biggest issues and concerns. Upon completion of the onsite discovery, a plan is developed based on research gathered specific to your organization. This plan gets integrated into a discovery document, which includes your infrastructure’s current state, strengths and weaknesses, liabilities, the proposed solution in phases, and a detailed explanation of each suggestion, including research data and statistics.

OnRamp’s Network Audits build a strategic plan that takes into consideration your IT needs of today and in the future.

OnRamp Networks’ Network Audits service includes:

  1. Network Topology Diagram
  2. Physical Network Diagram
  3. WAN, VPN, RAS, and Internet Information
  4. IP Address Allocation
  5. Server Documentation
    • Hardware Specifications
    • Services Running & Disabled
    • Network Shares
    • Active Directory Users & Groups
    • Group Policy
    • Server Roles (Software)
  6. Backup Policy
  7. Software Licenses
  8. Hardware & Software Support Contracts